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Abdul Mills Interview




| Aug. 10, 2005

Abdul MillsAbdul Mills is a talented combo guard from Brooklyn, New York who is out of college and ready to play professional basketball, anywhere in the world. The 6-3, 188-pound baller is most known for the work he did on the court at Providence. recently met up with Mills for an exclusive interview. Talk about where you were born, where you grew up.

Abdul Mills: I was brought up in Brooklyn, New York. Bedford Stuyvesant. Then I moved to Bushwick around age nine. Started playing basketball. I didn't play organized basketball until my sophomore year in high school. I did play varsity my freshman year at Martin Luther King high school in Manhattan, and then I went to Riverside Church. How'd you do as a freshman?

Abdul Mills: I didn't really play great, because my grades were pretty messed up. The first half of the season I played, the second half I didn't play. I strayed away from basketball. And sophomore year?

Abdul Mills: Still at Martin Luther King, and I came back and I played. I started. And I stayed there till my junior year, when I went to Millford Academy, in Connecticut, where I stayed for two years. That was a crazy experience. What was crazy about it?

Abdul Mills: It was an all-boys school. It was a transition from Martin Luther King, where it was some of the best females in the world in fact, to an all-boys school. Football, basketball, swimming. It was ridiculous. But it was cool. We had a good team. We had Zach Marbury on my team, Jeremy Logan, Micah Brand who went to UMass, Kevin Johnson who went to UC-Charlotte, and Jerome Moiso, that plays in the NBA right now. He played with us, too. So we had a good team. And then from there I went to Providence college. I played my freshman year there. It was a good experience, just playing Division 1 basketball was a good experience. I shoot well now because they forced me to shoot a lot of jump-shots. Because you can't shoot in the lane as easy as you thought. I learned to mix things up and drive as well as hit outside. And then you got hurt.

Abdul Mills: And then I got hurt at Providence, my junior season. Before I got hurt, I was averaging 20 points a game. I figured, how bad could the injury be? Because I was playing through it. By the end of the season I was carrying my leg. My left hip. I played the whole season for the team. I thought it was a good decision at the time. But it kind of backfired, because that one season cost me two years. Ultimately, I didn't play for the school anymore. Me and the coaches are still cool. Tim Welsch, he's a great guy to play under. He's about his business. He does what he does, and loves what he's doing. So, we parted. It was a cool break between us. So from there, I went to the University of Nebraska at Omaha. My coach there was Kevin McKinna. He played in the NBA, for the Los Angeles Lakers. It was a good experience. What division is that?

Abdul Mills: Division 2. It was a tough program. The program, before I got there, had a winning record. It was like 21-12 or something. And then they lost a lot of the players that contributed to that success. But by the time I got there and started playing, we rose up and got ranked in the top six. They ended being ranked higher than they've ever been ranked. We played together. We made extra passes and won games. I actually didn't score a whole bunch of points there. I scored 14 points a game. I was coming off an injury, off my back surgery. I didn't really want to go full throttle into it. So I took my time and just wanted to fit in. I wanted to go there and win. And I helped the team do that. At the end of the day, it worked out. I would have won Player of the Year over there had we won the conference. But we didn't. I did get Newcomer of the Year, though. So what's the next step for you now?

Abdul Mills: Right now I'm out here trying to play wherever I can play to get back into the loop. Because right now my name isn't as hot as it used to be. People remember, but, it's all about what have you done for me lately. I finished college and I'm trying to get somewhere, whether it be an NBA tryout, overseas, anywhere, I'll go and tear it up and get that buzz back. You're open to playing in Europe, I'm sure.

Abdul Mills: Anywhere. Anywhere. That's my next step, anywhere. Talk about fitting in with your next team, or on teams of the past.

Abdul Mills: I fit in on any team. If you need me to score, I can score. If you don't need me to score, I'll blend in and contribute. Sometimes, a lot of people don't understand that when you go on a team, you have to deal with all the egos on the team. Players have to compliment each other. I'm trying to get on a great team, where I can come in and fit in with everybody. If you need defense, I will always dig down and play real defense. Whatever a team needs, I can provide.

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