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Ryan Gomes Interview




| Apr. 17, 2006

Ryan Gomes interviewBoston Celtics rookie Ryan Gomes, the 50th overall selection in the 2005 NBA Draft, has started 30 straight games coming into tonight's matchup in New Jersey. In those starts the 6-7, 250-pound forward has put up 12.1 points and 7.8 rebounds per game on 51.9% shooting. editor Jeff Lenchiner met with Gomes for an exclusive interview. Going back to Providence, talk about your experience there and the high points for you.

Ryan Gomes: Aw, man, it was great. A great experience, playing in the Big East. Playing against the top teams in the league. The four years that I was there, two times we had champions, so playing against that great competition and also individually having a great career, being the all-time leading scorer, and grabbing those thousand rebounds, great accolades. I wish we had made it to the NCAA Tournament more than one time, but I did get that experience once. I love the tournament. How as it, playing in it?

Gomes: It was great. It was short-lived, but you can just tell by the atmosphere, everyone from the school going to watch you play, every two, three days you play a game, it's a packed house, and you know one team's going to win it all... I mean in anything you do one team wins it all but 64 teams and everyone trying to reach that one goal, trying to go 6-0. We had the opportunity to play against Pacific; it was a great game. They were able to squeak it out... I think my junior year, that was our best team. One loss and you're out of there, that's a main reason it's special. It's crazy.

Gomes: One loss and you're out of there, it's crazy. That's like AAU and high school basketball. But then when you get to this level, the NBA, it's more of a series, it's how many times can you beat a team, instead of one time. I think that's why everyone is so big fans of the NCAA March Madness, because any team is destined. And the Cinderellas this year, George Mason. Any team can go ahead and take it. I'm picturing the NBA playoffs with that format, one game and you're out, and my first thought is that I love the idea of it, but then I figure there are both positives and negatives to the idea.

Gomes: Yeah it will be, but the games nowadays, everyone has a spectular game, Kobe Bryant scoring 81 points... Ben Gordon nine for nine (three-pointers) the other night... you can have that spectacular game, but in the NBA you have to keep doing that. That one game you might have a great game, but you still got to win three other games to beat a team in a series. If it was that way, it would be a little different. It could be exciting, but it also can be weary in another sense. Yeah, on the one hand, you have one bad game and...

Gomes: Yeah you have a bad game and that's it... And then all of a sudden lots of players and fans might hate it...

Gomes: Yeah, you hate the format, but then, that's why some teams they go up two games to none, and the other team will win, come back and win four straight, and then the series is over. So it's not just on that one game. That's the best thing about the NBA, is the atmosphere, that every night in a seven game series everyone is looking for it, everyone is tuning in, because they know it's not just going to be a one-and-done thing. And as for you, when you came into the league, I think a lot of people weren't sure how you were going to fit into the league exactly as far as what type of forward you'd be. People knew you were talented, but there were questions about your position. And you've now proved yourself and you're fitting in.

Gomes: Yeah, that's all I try to do. I don't try to put myself in a position. Just be out there, try to do things... hustle, rebounds, running the floor, doing the little intangible things. Because that's what probably will make me stick around, doing those things. What did you take away from this season more than anything? On the court, or off.

Gomes: It's been great. The thing I took out of it is you always got to be ready for any situation, because in the beginning I didn't have the opportunity, and then I got the opportunity to keep playing, and getting a lot of minutes. And now going into the summer I just want to keep getting better, so that same situation will happen again. is the web's best basketball site. Read daily.

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