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InsideHoops NBA [HOME]

NBA Interviews




Interviews archive. For the most recent NBA interviews, click here.

Interviews from October, 2003 and earlier

Hot Sauce Interview
[Streetball] Hot Sauce is the most famous full-time streetball player on the planet right now. His moves are, in a word, sick. presents an exclusive interview. [Sept 23]

Pogo Joe Caldwell Interview II
[Legends/Interviews] The man defended Julius Erving better than anyone. The man made NBA all-star teams. Read what Jumping Joe (or Pogo Joe, depending on who you ask) had to say about watching Michael Jordan, how much trash Wilt Chamberlain did or did not talk, and much more. Also see part 1 of the interview. [Sept 20]

B-Real Cypress Hill Interview
[Entertainment] and rap star B-Real of Cypress Hill sat down for an exclusive interview. This kicks off the new section known as Inside Hoops Entertainment. [Sept 17]

Black Widow Interview
[Streetball] Alimoe, also known as the Black Widow, tore up Rucker Park for a long time before joining the And 1 mixtape tour. presents an exclusive interview. [Sept 11]

Mousey Interview
[Streetball] Mousey is one of the most well known coaches in EBC at Rucker Park history. met with him for an exclusive interview. [Sept 7]

Jumping Joe Caldwell Interview
[Interviews/Legends] The second pick in the 1964 draft (just ahead of Willis Reed), Joe Caldwell is one of the coolest players of all time - both on and off the court. An incredible defender and terrific all-around talent, the man deserves recognition. recently met with Joe for an interview. [Sept 3]

Tracy McGrady Interview
On the U.S. Qualifying team, the Orlando Magic, a blurb on Kobe Bryant and more. Aug 11

Tim Duncan Interview
On the U.S. Qualifying team, what they have to do to get ready, a blurb on Kidd not signing with the Spurs and more. Aug 11

Darius Miles Interview
Cleveland Cavaliers forward Darius Miles met exclusively with at the end of the summer league in Boston to discuss his quest for physical fitness as well as new teammate LeBron James. July 28

Etan Thomas Interview and Washington Wizards big man Etan Thomas met to catch up on the team and their new coach. July 23

LeBron James Interview
A media session interview with James after a Cleveland Cavaliers summer league game in Boston. July 20

Paul Silas Interview
InsideHoops and the new coach of LeBron James met to discuss the rookie's early showings. Is James a point guard or what? Silas shares his views. July 19

Lenny Cooke Interview
After going undrafted in 2002, Cooke has been training, working out and dominating the USBL. He wants in the big league. Read this exclusive interview. July 3

Charles Jones Interview
You remember CJ. On Long Island University he led the entire nation in scoring two years in a row, before playing for two NBA teams and then heading to Europe and the USBL. InsideHoops caught up with him for an exclusive interview. July 1

Danny Manning Interview
InsideHoops met with Manning in a brief exclusive talk. Danny sounded off on a few NBA rules, wondered about how refs call one thing but not another, and claimed that college hoops is more physical than the NBA. May 27

Caron Butler Interview
InsideHoops met with this young rising Miami Heat star to talk about the league, his game and more. Exclusive to, of course. Apr 15

Steve Mills Mini-Interview
InsideHoops met with Madison Square Garden's president of sports team operations for a quick chat about how great the building is. Apr 15

Allen Iverson Interview
InsideHoops and other media spoke with Allen Iverson Friday about his team and their injuries, the loss, and playoff seeding. Apr 12

Theo Ratliff Interview
InsideHoops met with Ratliff to discuss what he knows best, the art of defending and blocking shots. Apr 9

Larry Smith Mini-Interview
InsideHoops met with the Rockets assistant coach (currently acting as head coach while Rudy T. heals) and discussed Yao Ming and more. Apr 4

John Starks Mini-Interview
InsideHoops met with Starks and caught up. Mar 29

InsideHoops Exclusive: Billy Hunter clears up the NBA age minimum rumor and National Basketball Players Association executive director Billy Hunter met and cleared up the big recent rumor. Exclusive. One key question, one key answer. Mar 24

Vince Carter Interview
On injuries, their Monday Knicks loss and more. Mar 25

Cuttino Mobley Mini-Interview
InsideHoops and Mobley on the team, Yao Ming and more. Mar 24

Jason Williams Mini-Interview
InsideHoops met Williams to ask how things have gone with Hubie Brown. Another mini-interview, taking 30 seconds to read. Mar 23

Gary Payton Mini-Interview
Payton sat with InsideHoops to discuss playing with Cassell. Mar 20

Kerry Kittles Mini-Interview
Kittles sat with InsideHoops to discuss some key Nets points. Mar 20

Wesley Person Interview
Did Chuck Person help Wesley with his game? And more. Mar 12

Jeff Van Gundy Interview
Talking Patrick Ewing with his former coach and everyone's favorite wrestler, Jeff Van Gundy. Mar 4.

Jack Ramsey Interview
Inside Hoops met with Doctor Jack and discussed changes in the league. Exclusively for you. Feb 20.

Kobe Bryant
Interview from Madison Square Garden. Feb 7.

Alvin Gentry Interview
An extensive interview with the head coach of the Los Angeles Clippers. NBA / Feb 5.

Amare Stoudemire Interview
Amare Stoudemire is the leading rookie of the year candidate. presents a recent interview. NBA / Jan 31.

Nick Van Exel Interview
InsideHoops caught up with the Dallas guard to discuss the Mavs and more. Check out who Van Exel says is the best team in the West. Hint: not Dallas. Exclusive to Jan 27.

Marcus Fizer Mini-Interview
Have you noticed Chicago's Fizer stepping it up this season? It's personal. shares the reason. Jan 15.

Larry Hughes Interview met up with Wizards guard Larry Hughes and talked about playing with Iverson, being a Wizard and more. Jan 12.

Lonny Baxter Mini-Interview had a quick talk with Chicago Bulls rookie Lonny Baxter to see how things were going. Jan 3.

Ben Wallace Mini-Interview
A quick exclusive talk with Detroit Pistons defensive star Ben Wallace. Dec 22.

Rick Fox Interview
See what Rick Fox said to the media after Thursday's massive defeat in New Jersey to the Nets. Dec 20.

Expansion team owner addresses media
Robert Johnson, who will become the first African-American principal owner of an NBA team (the upcoming expansion team in Charlotte), spoke to the media. provides his full statement.

Kwame Brown Interview caught up with Kwame Brown to discuss his second-year development. Dec 19.

Carlos Boozer Interview
We caught up with Boozer recently, who, by no coincidence, immediately started putting up big stats. That's right, we take full credit. Dec 6.

George Lynch Interview
Read about what it's generally like for players when they switch to a new team. Nov 12.

Dikembe Mutumbo Interview
A quick mini-interview. Sixty seconds. He's happy to be a Net. Nov 4.

Read Kevin Garnett quotes about trash talking, flying monkeys and more.

Hawks coach Lon Kruger interview
A quick talk with Atlanta's head coach. Nov 1.

Don Chaney Media Teleconference
The coach of the New York Knicks addresses the media about the upcoming season.

Phil Jackson Media Teleconference
The coach of the world champion Los Angeles Lakers addresses the media about the upcoming season. Jackson had a lot to say, make sure you read this.

Byron Scott Media Teleconference
The coach of the New Jersey Nets addresses the media about the upcoming season

Shawn Marion Interview
An Inside Hoops exclusive interview with the Suns star, on growing up, changes from the NCAA to NBA, favorite entertainment and more. Oct 13.

Emanuel Ginobili Interview
The best part of the interview is Ginobili's response when asked if his team got robbed in the World Championship. Oct 11.

Vince Carter Streetball Interview - a quick few words about when Vince Carter played streetball at Rucker Park. (late Sept, 2002)


NBA Interviews from Summer or Late 2001-02 Season

Morris Peterson Interview - a talk with Toronto's Mo Pete. About the NBA, which players he liked as a kid, more. (Sept. 16, 2002)

Eddy Curry Interview - a casual talk with Chicago Bulls center Eddy Curry. (Sept. 14, 2002)

Tyson Chandler Interview 2 - a casual talk with Chicago Bulls forward Tyson Chandler. (Sept. 8, 2002)

Ron Artest Streetball Interview - a quick talk with Indiana Pacers forward Ron Artest. We talked to him in the park. Rucker Park. Exclusive to (August 12, 2002)

Lenny Cooke Interview - a good interview with this undrafted rookie free agent, with topics from draft day till today. Exclusive to (July 31, 2002)

Eric Williams Interview - talking about what it's like playing in front of fans that know you personally, and other cool stuff. Exclusive to (Posted June 14, 2002)

Qyntel Woods Interview - during his workouts for NBA teams as they decide who to take in the 2002 NBA draft. (Early June, posted June 13, 2002)

Teresa Weatherspoon Interview - she makes it clear what the New York Liberty goal is this season. Exclusive to (June 2, 2002)

Jared Jeffries Interview
On NBA draft workouts, his skills, etc. (May 31, 2002)

Kenyon Martin Interview
On dunking, and the NBA Slam Dunk contest. Exclusive to


Melvin Ely Interview (Pre-draft)
Cool talk with a cool soon-to-be NBA player.

Quick Words - Chris Wilcox (pre-draft)
Brief exchange.

Jared Jeffries Interview
An interview with Indiana forward Jared Jeffries, who is sure to be taken in the first round of the 2002 NBA Draft.

Elton Brand Q&A
Recent media conference.

Get inside Jalen Rose's head
An interview with the Bulls star. Jalen gives tons of insight on himself, the team, and more.

Q&A with Kings star Peja Stojakovic
Peja touches on various issues, including European players, Chris Webber and more.


NOTE: Many of the files below are from old site designs. Please excuse their appearance.


NBA Interviews from the 2000-01 season

Terrell Brandon Interview
On legalizing the zone and how his team may benefit. Exclusive to

Latrell Sprewell Interview
A cool Sprewell chat where he reveals his favorite player, the online game he plays, and more. Exclusive to

Chamique Holdsclaw Interview
On this WNBA superstar's past, growing up and becoming great. Exclusive to

Ray Allen Interview - A short interview with Ray Allen on one subject: shooting the basketball. Exclusive to

Jason Kidd Interview - On being at the top of the world with life-long friend Gary Payton, learning to pass and shoot, zone defenses, more. Exclusive to

Wally Szczerbiak Interview - Quick chat. Exclusive to

Tim Duncan Interview - Duncan on staying 4 years in college, kids going pro early, his development, and more. Exclusive to

Glenn Robinson Interview - Big Dog on his nickname's origin, the NBA's most underrated small forward, and the player he focused on as a kid. Exclusive to

Dennis Johnson Interview - DJ on what Larry Bird was like in practice, gearing up to play the Lakers (in the 80's), and more. Exclusive to

Karl Malone Interview - Malone on the team, not being washed up yet, and becoming the NBA's all time free throw leader. Exclusive to

Bryon Russell Interview - Was guarding Jordan easy? Learn the answer before the page even finishes loading! Exclusive to

Shawn Bradley Interview - Shawn is tall. Quick interview. Exclusive to

Tyson Chandler Interview - This high school basketball star from Compton, California stands 7'1" but at the time of this interview still wasn't declaring where he stood on going pro or heading to college. Check our talk. Exclusive to

Gary Payton Interview 2 - Yeah, we met up with The Glove again. You can never get too much of GP. Exclusive to

Chris Webber Interview - Webber on the Kings, his future, and more. Exclusive to

Isiah Thomas Interview Part 2 - we asked Isiah how the Celtics and Lakers of the 80's would fare against the Bulls of the 90's. Plus Isiah shares the secret of Reggie Miller. Exclusive to

Isiah Thomas Interview Part 1 - we met Isiah Thomas and got some insight on the Pacers. Exclusive to

Shaquille O'Neal Interview
A minute with Shaq finding out who can guard him, and how. Plus an exclusive look at Shaq dealing with little kiddies when no cameras are rolling. Exclusive to

Eddie Jones Interview
Eddie's feelings on being traded away from the Lakers years ago are clear. Exclusive to

Tim Hardaway Interview
His basketball idol, about the crossover, and more. Exclusive to

Hakeem Olajuwon Interview
We recently spoke to The Dream, and, among other things, found out which forward and guard he'd pick to build a team around. Check the interview. Exclusive to

Gary Payton Interview
InsideHoops and an elite circle of reporters were told by Payton that he's lost much of his love for being in the NBA. So, this is semi-exclusive. Read.

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