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InsideHoops [College Basketball]

Marvin Williams Interview




| June 12, 2005

North Carolina forward Marvin Williams will be in the 2005 NBA draft and is expected to be taken in the lottery. He's 6-9 and 203 pounds, and in his freshman season averaged 11.3 points, 6.6 rebounds, 0.7 assists and 1.1 steals in 22.2 minutes per game. Here's what Williams had to say in an interview at the June 2005 NBA pre-draft camp in Chicago:

Q: How do you think youíll measure this week in shoes?

Marvin Williams: Size 17, I hope. Really, I donít know. I hope 6-9. I really do hope 6-9.

Q: Can you reflect upon your one season at North Carolina?

Marvin Williams: I had a blast. The friendships I made with my teammates and other people, Coach (Roy) Williams, being a college student. It was really great. Winning the National Championship is something Iíll always remember no matter how my career pans out. Thatís every college playerís dream.

Q: Do you watch the lottery, to gain a sense of where you might be headed?

Marvin Williams: I did watch it. I didnít care necessarily who wound up with what pick. But, I did watch it with a couple of friends.

Q: What was your reaction when Milwaukee came up with the top pick?

Marvin Williams: I was surprised. I didnít think Milwaukee would jump up like that. Iím sure theyíre pretty happy.

Q: What is your reaction when people say you might take a little longer to develop than some other prospects?

Marvin Williams: Itís honest. Iím young. Iím 18. Other players are mostly older. My body still hasnít matured yet and I still havenít matured as a player. Itís a true statement.

Q: Which is more important: going number one or the team you go to?

Marvin Williams: I think the team. Number one or number two, it doesnít really matter. Itís more of a pride thing. Itís an honor to be the first pick. But, you want to know how youíre going to fit in with your team, what city youíre going to be in. Itís going to be a new lifestyle for me.

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